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Decluttering and cleaning to sell


Decluttering and cleaning to sell property


One of the most common things to put buyers off a house is clutter and poor cleanliness. If your home has too many possessions it will look smaller and if the rooms are poorly presented the estate agent may not want to display the photos to viewers.  


Because buyers often make a decision to view based on what they see in photos you might miss out on potential viewers straight away if you have cluttered space.


This cluttered bedroom didn't take long to clean, declutter and style. House Wow assisted the owner to make 

decisions and plan a whole house declutter and style.

 The bedroom was transformed on a £600 budget. The floors were already stained boards but were previously covered with possessions.



Declutter and clean

Cleanliness is a major factor for any would be buyer. Every area, particularly kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and windows must be sparkling.  If you're very busy why not arrange domestic cleaning services to get the cleaning done well?  


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The Sweet smell of success

Quite simply smells of Dog/cat/hamster/cigarettes or food have a negative effect on viewers. Make sure your home has the best effect on your viewers and encourages every potential offer to buy. 

Ideally it's best to have dogs and cats out of the house for viewings in case the potential buyers have an allergy or are put off by the pets.

Deep cleaning carpets and upholstery can help to remove smells and improve general appeal.

Ensure rooms are aired by opening windows and use a gentle spray to deodorise any smells. 

Clutter -  the facts

  Clutter can cost you money - it is the biggest reason for a house not selling or selling at a reduced price.

  Clutter makes individual rooms and the whole house appear smaller 

  Clutter distract buyers from noticing the best features of the house 

   Clutter gives the buyers the impression that the house is ill maintained or neglected 

   Clutter gives buyers the impression that there is no space for their belongings. 

   If you imagine that the buyer can see beyond the clutter then think again - they cannot - they leave with a poor impression of the whole house. 

Before with Tv

Declutter and clean

TV's in bedrooms spoil the calm, tranquil atmosphere -  if you can live without it it will help the sale.


Top Ten Decluttering tips 


1   Action plan

When planning your decluttering you probably have possessions and furniture that you won't need at the next house.  Its better to start the job of deciding what to sell or move on early to create more space and improve the marketing photos.

2 Priorities

The priority hit list should be items currently on show and particularly children’s toys which are no longer used, personal pictures or hobby items which take up large areas of space and may not have buyer appeal. Cupboards and loft space cleared now will make room for other items to be stored out of sight. 


3 Three box declutter system 

Charity shop box, box for the refuse and box to pack away for the new house.  
Self Storage 
Self storage rates can be reasonable and there are a number of companies who provide self storage facilities. If you want to improve the spacious appeal of your home when selling consider self storage until you move or during decorating upgrades.




5 Ornaments and accessories 
Thin out and use only the best on display.

               Suitecases for storage                

6 Cupboard Clutter 
Clear wardrobes of old clothes that you don't want.  Serious viewers will look in cupboards and if possessions are jammed in they will feel they too won't have enough space. 

7 Space saving 
Consider space saving devices such as vacuum-seal bags that reduce bulk in stored duvets, pillows and clothes. Keep the furniture and its design scheme as simply arranged and practical as possible. Move over large coffee tables out of central spaces.  

8 Organise documents 
Don't keep piles of paperwork on display. Set up a folder system that can be stored neatly away. 


9 Avoiding cluttering surfaces 
Deal with junk mail, abandoned shoes and emptied out pocket contents as quickly as possible. If the family has a habit of leaving lots of bits and pieces on coffee tables and surfaces, try to eliminate the surface or clear them once a day. Move things to a basket in the hall ready to move when you go upstairs.


10 Prepare for viewings

Before each viewing take a look at each room and try to keep surfaces and floors free of clutter.


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