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Kerb appeal and first impressions


  Kerb appeal and first impressions



Kerb appeal and first impressions are vital to a property sale because buyers first impressions stay with them.  


When buyers drive around an area looking for FOR SALE boards the front of your home tells them a lot about the condition of the interior.  







If a potential viewer likes what they see from the marketing pictures online or in a local estate agents window - they judge the property from first impressions and decide whether its worth the time to view.


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If they book a viewing appointment, when they arrive to view they make a decision within the first few minutes based on their first impressions.



A House Kerb with appeal for a fast property saleFirst impressions count  

Its important to make the most of those first impressions and attend to home improvements to the frontage and entrance way to ensure that you receive as much buyer interest and positive first impressions as possible. 


Achieving kerb appeal  

It doesn't have to be expensive and whether you repave a drive, weed, cut back overgrown trees or hedges or just clean or paint the front door will depend on your property price, housing market conditions and potential gains.   



Before: The drive above would risk optimum selling price.

After: £100 spent on gravel and cleaning paving provided a low cost and fast upgrade to improve property marketing potential here.





Tips to ensure kerb appeal

   Tidy the garden and clean paving, weed and cut back any overgrown shrubs or trees. 

   Broken and dead lower pots should be removed and repairs dealt with. 


  Clean or freshen the paint work and the door handle, letter box and knocker.


   Potted plants with some colour or bay trees will make the entrance appealing. 

   Ensure the windows are clean inside and out. 

   Window sills should be free of clutter
   Curtains should be hung neatly.


   Put wheelie bins out of site wherever possible.



Entrace hall before additional lighting

Entrance hall with additional lighting and a new mat.

Ensuring that the hall looks inviting 

doesn't have to cost the earth.

Adequate lighting, a tidy up and a new

front door mat made all the difference here.

Tips to improve the entrance and hallway

   Ensure adequate lighting plus a table lamp if possible.

   A well placed mirror adds interest, light and space. 

   Thin items on the coat/shoe racks to a minimum. 

   Clean the flooring and use a rug or runner to add colour.

   Make sure the house smells fresh immediately on entering. 

   Fresh flowers or a plant to add a touch of colour and life.



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