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Optimise property value

Optimise property value


Optimising property value when selling your home 


Considering that a home is probably the biggest financial asset that most of us have, its important to realise its potential when selling. To do this property sellers need to present the property at its very best, price the property realistically  and instruct the best estate agent to market the property.

Its reported that 90% of viewers can't visualise the potential of a property. That means that you need to help them along with good layout and effective styling. 


 The information within this website has been developed by HouseWow® Property Styling experts to help home owners optimise selling price and achieve a faster sale.


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Optimise Property Value   

Top tips to optimise property value


  Find the best estate agent who provides quality property photography and quality online marketing across as many of the major property portals as possible. Eg. Rightmove, Find a property, PrimeLocation. Check the Estate Agents terms and listings before instructing.


  Price the property realistically. Its important not to overvalue and be overlooked by ready and willing buyers who know the worth of new property to the market.  Take into account individual property features, land, location and the local market. If the buyer needs a mortgage the provider will value the property and not lend above this ceiling.


  Present your property at its best - start by following the 'photography ready tips' before marketing pictures are taken because the online and brochure images are vital to achieving buyer interest.

Create space, lifestyle and buyer appeal in your home. Buyers want space, sufficient storage and lifestyle - so keep this in mind and Declutter, Reduce overly packed room contents and style the best of your belongings. 





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Getting ready to present your home for sale

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