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Photography Ready

Photograph ready - take the tour


Get your home ready for marketing photographsGet your property ready for marketing photography


Property brochure marketing needs to give your house the edge over other local property for sale.  


Potential buyers make decisions to view or not based on the 'look' of a property in the photos and their perception of the value, style and the lifestyle image presented to them.


Effective photographs showing your property at its best are vital to your property sale and so its important to spend a little time preparing for the marketing photographs.






Step 1  Declutter

Take the opportunity to declutter as much as possible before marketing so that packing and moving is much easier. See the declutter page for more detailed advice.


Step 2  Clean

Cleanliness is so very important to viewers. Kitchens, cookers, bathrooms and property frontage need special attention. If you are too busy to take this on then consider options of employing the services of professional domestic cleaners for a one day spring clean or upholstery and carpet cleaning.  


Step 3  Layout

Layout is important for effective photographs, a feeling of space and achieving viewings. Consider particularly master bedroom and lounge to have a good layout with focal point, symmetry with bedside tables lamps at either side of the bed is pleasing in design. If you have too much furniture or a sofa blocking a doorway or view of the garden ensure that the best possible layout for photos is achieved. 



Step 4  Lifestyle

Buyers are looking for a lifestyle - not just bricks and mortar. So its important to consider style and comfort in your home. Lamps, art work, fresh towels, new bedding, new bathmats and stylish accessories can work wonders to improve lifestyle image, wow factor and buyer appeal.


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Step 5  Personal 

Stand at the doorway and take a fresh look in each room trying to imagine it as a buyer would - do you have too many personal effects or photos which will distract the buyer from taking in the properties best features?  Store them safely away until after your move if at all possible.


Step 6  Last minute

Before the estate agent arrives for photos take a look around the house and ensure that washing up, dirty laundry, dog bowls etc are out of sight. Open curtains and blinds to let maximum natural light into each room, turn on lights, shut drawers and check that towels are neat and toys tidy.


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Getting ready to present your home for sale

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