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Viewings Tips




If you conduct viewings for your own home are you prepared and have a plan or do you get it over as soon as possible? 


Ensure the best chances of achieving a sale by checking through the following viewing tips.


Often viewings conducted by the home owner are rushed, giving the viewer only a few moments to take in each room.  


If a viewer feels uncomfortable they won't get the best impression and will just move onto the next property. 


Buying a home is an emotional response as a result of a buyer forming a bond with the property at a subconscious level.  How often do you hear "I just felt it could be home" ?  As a property seller you can help a viewer to feel this 'bond'.




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Enable the viewer to feel that it could be their home. Detach yourself as the owner of the house temporarily and become the sales person - pass on your knowledge of the house and location, tell the viewer about the positive aspects and create a welcoming atmosphere, homely feel and remove the personal effects that stamp this home as yours. 


Gentle music in the background will help to create a more relaxing atmosphere, this is the reason that supermarkets play it: we stay longer and buy more if we are relaxed. 


Prepare for a viewing

  • Open windows and let in some fresh air. 

  • Ensure a comfortable air temperature. 

  • Open blinds and curtains to let in natural light. 

  • Turn on internal lights for ambience. 

  • Check that flowers, plants and fruit bowls are fresh and attractively arranged. 

  • Ensure art work hangs correctly and complements the style of the room

  • Spritz the air with a little gentle freshener (not strong air freshener!)

  • Kitchens should be spotless with no dirty dishes in the sink. 

  • Wipe down bathrooms and close toilet lids. 

  • Buff up any chrome including taps to a shiny finish. 

  • Make beds and pick up any clothing and miscellaneous daily clutter. 



  • Plump and fluff all cushions and pillows, arrange throws. 

  • Contain pets or arrange for a local dog walking service to take your pet out for an hour.

  • Contain children and avoid all the family being in if at all possible. 

  • Consider security and ensure that credit cards or bills with important information are not left lying about.


    During the viewing


    • Be friendly, relaxed and relatively smart (you're selling a lifestyle, not just a home). 

    • Greet the viewer(s) with a positive hand shake and a smile, put them at their ease.

    • Keep a few property brochures and check that they have one.
  • Pre-plan a route of the house, ending with or going to the garden early if its a selling point.

  • Show them into a room first so that you don't fill the space or obscure the view.

  • Introduce the key features of each room. Don't be shy - you are selling the house. 

  • Ask a few questions as you show them around so that you can give information that's relevant to their circumstances.

  • Ask what their buying position is and where they live currently. Its useful to know how serious a buyer they may be and if they know the area. 

  • Give useful information about your home, locality, local schools, transport.

  • Mention positives and selling features  e.g. 'We have a security system.. an alarm.. heating.. fuel type.. comment on integrated appliances'...'its a great view from the kitchen sink, I enjoy  looking at the garden as I'm washing the pots.' ...' The children love the size of the garden and its very safe and secure'. 'This room is a really good size - plenty of space for the 'king size bed' etc... 'Its a very quiet neighbourhood' 'The local school had a good ofsted report' 'We have a number of good local restaurants.'..etc..

  • Its a good idea to show them around and then leave them at the last room in the house and suggest that they take their time looking on their way back.  Buying a house is a serious investment but many viewings only last a few minutes, they need to take things in.  Many viewers book a number of viewings on one day, you can ensure your home is memorable. 

  • Tell them where to find you when they've finished - 'I will be in the conservatory reading the paper if you would like to join me there, sit down and ask any further questions' etc.

  • Ensure they get the seat with the best view of the garden etc. The longer they stay and the more comfortable they feel, the more likely they are to feel 'at home' and gain a bond with the property.

  • Ask if they have any questions they would like to ask you?

  • Ask what they think about the property... They may play down their interest to strengthen their negotiations however you may receive useful feedback or indications of their intentions.

  • DON'T enter into negotiations on price. Refer them to make any offers through your estate agent. This will give you a stronger negotiating position and enable your estate agent to make any necessary checks. 

  • DON'T indicate any requirement to get a fast sale. This may endanger your negotiating position. 

  • Viewings are a vital part of the selling process and should never be underestimated.




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